Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SD license plates botch Shrine of Hypocrisy

I had to laugh like hell.

South Dakota embellishing the facts? Say it ain't so, Denny.
The new beige-on-blue design is causing a stir because of how it depicts the faces of four U.S. presidents sculpted into Mount Rushmore. The new plates are the result of a collaborative effort between the governor’s office, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Revenue and South Dakota law enforcement, said Jonathan Harms, a spokesman for the Revenue Department. So who designed Rushmore’s image? “That’s not something I’m willing to talk about,” Harms said. [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
The photo angle is a little odd.

Comes this posted at Indianz:
For instance, I find it awkward to stand to the Star Spangled Banner at events or gatherings. I feel a strong sense of embarrassment, knowing what I know about this new society. I believe that was the beginning of my search for my true self. Mount Rushmore is supposedly a symbol of egalitarianism or a “Shrine of Democracy.” However, that perception changed gradually to "Shrine of Hypocrisy.” At the same time, I see the practice of using the flag to promote personal, biased, and often hostile attitudes towards minorities. More accurately, this is an advancement of the belief, theory, or doctrine that white people are inherently superior to all other racial groups, and are therefore rightfully the dominant group in any society. [excerpt, Ivan F. Star Comes Out]
The end is near for democracy and justice for indigenous South Dakotans in the state where the Shrine of Hypocrisy was carved by a Ku Klux Klan member standing on the bones of those massacred at Wounded Knee.

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