Friday, March 11, 2016

Raven troubles land on boy with Elkton connections

You know nothing, Troy Jones: Raven Industries' troubles didn't start yesterday they started in 2008 at the end of the disastrous Bush era.

Dan Rykhus is cousin with Elkton boys. His uncle Don was Superintendent of EHS, hated by students and faculty alike. His aunt was a weirdo of biblical proportions. We TPed their house every Halloween. They attended the Baptist church led by sleaze ball Reverend Slack. Slack's son killed his girl friend and most of the Schwing family after church one Sunday morning after losing control of a souped-up 1963 Dodge on a bridge north of town. The Slacks were driven out of town after Rev. Slack was caught having multiple affairs including one with Mrs. Rykhus.

Dan's cousin Steve dated my younger sister but she married elsewhere.
Weak results at all three of its major segments, including engineered films, applied technology, and the Aerostar unit contributed to Raven's weakness. Even though CEO Dan Rykhus remained optimistic about the company's overall prospects, his general comments looking forward were more tempered than they had been in the recent past. With the potential for the coming fiscal year to look as scary as the just-ended year has, investors aren't certain whether Raven will bounce back in the near future. [Motley Fool]
Colluding with Communist China in 2013 Raven sent a representative to accompany Governor Dennis Daugaard.

A federal helium shortage is contributing to Raven's poor performance.
It turns out that shale gas, where most of the new drilling is happening, contains virtually no helium. And the glut created by the boom has driven down natural gas prices so much that it's been uneconomical to tap the lower-grade, impure natural gas pockets that do contain helium. [High Country News]
Raven has ties to New Mexico. and lost stock momentum manufacturing Aerostats for surveillance instead of diversifying into ships for timber harvest.

Blaming the Obama administration for Raven's problems is just simply ridiculous but white supremacists like Troy Jones would rather blame the black guy.

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