Monday, March 7, 2016

PPP: Trump ahead of Kasich in Ohio

John Kasich looks like he could just fall over dead any second and is behind in his own state while Donald Trump is still raging on.
Trump leads with 38% to 35% for Kasich, 15% for Ted Cruz, and just 5% for Marco Rubio. Trump is ahead because he has 40% with 'very conservative' voters to 25% for Cruz with Kasich coming in third at 23%. The bottom has really fallen out on Marco Rubio's image. One of the biggest stories in the GOP Presidential race last week was Mitt Romney's big anti-Trump speech but we find Romney is very unpopular with the Republican base and that the speech thus likely didn't do much to hurt Trump.
Read it all here.

Meanwhile, the National Ravage Association (NRA) has come out in favor of Senator Bernie Sanders as he slips further behind in Ohio.

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