Thursday, March 17, 2016

Legal cannabis industry dominated by white people

Former Butte County State's Attorney Heather Plunkett is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow after she exercised her cannabis rights in defiance of South Dakota law.
But there's a big problem: This green rush is, by and large, disproportionately shutting out black Americans as a result of racial disparities in the war on drugs, leaving many unable to participate in the legal pot market, from growing to selling. In other words, systemic racism and racially disparate policies, such as the war on drugs, have had such a grave impact on black communities that even attempts to reverse those policies have left black people behind. [excerpt, Vox]
Here's a little more green for St. Patrick's Day: Indianz used my photo again! Pe'Sla has been put into trust.

In South Dakota, American Indians are disproportionately profiled and imprisoned leaving them unable to participate in the budding industry even as the Flandreau Santee Sioux and Oglala Lakota Nations plan their cannabis futures.

Saturday morning is when Bill Janklow's idea of public radio airs The People's Pharmacy.
Our guest, David Casarett, MD, certainly doubted that there was much evidence to support medical applications of marijuana. But as a palliative care physician, he was curious. The evidence he found convinced his that there is a case to be made in some situations.
Listen to a podcast here.

Produced at WUNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, The People's Pharmacy has aired numerous programs of its 1027 broadcasts on the therapeutic and casual ingestion of cannabis.

As a disgraced boot camp near Custer nears closure the county wants the place to be a community college. My suggestion for a new name? The Bill Janklow School for the Criminally Conservative.

Heroin and meth use is spiking in South Dakota no doubt fueled by America's most dangerous gateway drug, commercial teevee.


  1. thats right Missouri has decriminalized pot. Starting in 2017 you can be holding ten grams in your pocket and they will tell you to move along, with your pot. Right now in St. Louis, you can pack 35 grams around without fear of your property being confiscated. They are clearing out their jails and cutting way back on paper work.

    right nowin

    St. Louis

    1. Excellent, Bill: the times they are a'changin'

  2. Congratulations on being banned from DFP.

    To be truthfull the little kids over there have turned that blog into a three topic circus. EB5, Gear Up, and teachers pay. All of those are important, but fall way short of the importance of quality of life for many people.

    Editing words by putting the first letter and the last is just someone trying to feel good about their moral obligation to the kids and has nothing to do with real life. For some, thats enough.

    I'm kind a like Jimmy Carter in that respect, if you are writing first and last you are already thinking the word.

    I've been looking at the same people saying the same fucking thing for so long over there.

    Notice the comments when the black sheep are allowed to say what they think?

    When someone runs for office they sure become righteous. Congratulations again.

    Sarcasm intended.

    The Blindman

    1. Cory lives with a checkered past, Bill. He can't afford to host my comments anymore.

    2. I just learned that Stan Adelstein threatened to cut Cory off even though I've donated nearly a grand to Cory over the years. Adelstein has zero integrity, too.

  3. RC from DFP How quickly the tides have turned, Larry Kurtz getting in bed with Pat Powers. They’ll probably be playing perverse sexual games."

    The tit hangers are at play pretending to follow on higher ground while screwing the pooch.

    The Blindman

    1. Roger is harmless, Bill. Cory, in the other hand, is a frustrating dry drunk with delusions of relevance living in a state of denial. Powers is merely another GenXer without a pot to piss in struggling to survive in a brutal dystopia.


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