Thursday, March 3, 2016

Johnson wins Minnesota LP beauty contest, calls Trump bad word

Update, 1338 MST:
A recent federal district court in Colorado ruling that the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank (KC-Fed) could deny a master account to a Colorado state chartered credit union created to serve marijuana businesses may be a catalyst for resolving the divergence on marijuana banking.
By deciding the case on the grounds that a court should not use its power to further criminal activity and acknowledging some Federal Reserve Bank discretionary authority over master accounts, the court effectively granted regional Federal Reserve Banks discretion over whether marijuana related financial firms will have access to the financial system. Since each Federal Reserve Bank is responsible for financial institutions in a specific region, this order could open the door for marijuana policy to effectively be set by regional Federal Reserve Banks rather than elected state legislatures. [Bipartisan Policy Center]

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is the overwhelming favorite in most of Minnesota's Libertarian Party circles.
The LPMN used Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to conduct its presidential preference poll. Statewide, the top four 1st Choice vote-getters were: Gary Johnson 75.3%, John McAfee 11.9%, Austin Petersen 7.5%, and Darryl Perry 1.8%. Minnesota Libertarians are gearing up for a third Libertarian Presidential Debate to be held March 7 in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Read it here.

Johnson called GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump a "pussy" during a Libertarian presidential debate in Mississippi last weekend after Trump referred to Marco Rubio using that word.

New Mexico's current governor has endorsed Rubio.

Photo courtesy: Johnson campaign.

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