Thursday, March 17, 2016

Black Hills cougars fighting back

As the extermination of cougars in the Black Hills continues some of the big cats are defending their territory against domestic invaders.

Hey, move bighorn sheep to Deadwood then wonder why cougars come into town.

A white christian trophy hunter has illegally slain a three-month old, fourteen pound cougar kitten in the Black Hills. The incident is par for the course in Lawrence County where alcohol with meth chasers and firearms are as common as sibling marriages.

The idiot was cited for a class one misdemeanor improper tagging, which carries a penalty of fines to $1,000, one year in jail and loss of hunting privileges for a year. If the judge is pissed off enough the perp could face additional charges once the investigation is complete.

Here is the name and number of the sportsman asshole who used dogs to slaughter a treed cougar in South Dakota's Disneyland: Justin Deutsch, (605) 493-6598.

This year South Dakota's Republican-owned wildlife killing department lowered its sights from seventy five dead to sixty. Cougars and the American Dipper have been all but extirpated from the Black Hills, so have the threatened northern long eared bat and black backed woodpecker.

With Gaia's mercy the killing derby ends on March 31st without further loss of life.

Why is South Dakota's weather so brutal and unforgiving? Because South Dakotans deserve it.

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