Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scalia croaks; who's Trump's nominee?

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has gone to his just reward.

A Democratic Senate confirmed Anthony Kennedy, Ronald Reagan's nominee to the Court in his last year in office and failing to confirm an Obama nominee could significantly increase voter turnout, which historically works against GOP. 4-4 decisions affirm the lower court.
Hearing that Rep. Cole is from the Chickasaw Nation, Scalia said: “Don't forget you belong to a conquered race.” [Indian Country Today]
A 4-4 court would uphold strong unions, abortion rights and affirmative action.

Scalia's exit is just one more teaching moment about why Democrats need to control the judiciary and should be a clarion call for Tom Daschle to get in South Dakota's US Senate race.

For some reason Google's poll widget is down so, tell us: whom is a President Donald Trump's nominee?

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Ted Cruz or Tom Cruise?


  1. Scalia was possibly offed four days after vetoing the Clean Power Plan, which will happen with whatever it takes because it is so strongly tied to the in progress climate engineering. The undertaking to return the US to 36% below 2005 carbon output levels by 2030 is of a scale possibly larger than the geoengineering itself. Locally, Ellsworth continues to bomb West River and beyond with chemical cooling nucleate and chaff. We have become the Cuisinart for weather systems to be exported elsewhere, with the occasional insurance cash in event of super hail and "Winter Storm Whatever the Fuck" (where the Weather Channel is the official "agency" determining the hem heights, I mean storm names). GOP cobwebbed vagina/prairie tortured lesbian Betty Olson tried to pass a bill to prevent insurance companies from dropping clients in our area who are experiencing repeated losses; we had three roof replacements in Belle Fourche this year.

    The truly interesting topics lie in these matters, not how South Dakotans will never have legal cannabis. You are showing whatever affinity you have for Deadwood with your cannabis scheme. You comment from afar, however I can understand that you "did your time". But since I'm still in the trenches, and deep inside SD cannabis, I'm saying it's time to take the focus to more important things than weed. Who wants weed in SD gets it, and pays the highest price in the land. If a patient can't get it or a relative can't then welcome to South Dakota and Social Darwinism, don't let the crooked ass door hit you an the way to the grave. 80% of South Dakotans don't deserve compassion, and are better pressed for their oil content. I work on getting CBD to those I can reach for free, and nobody has been more of an impediment to spreading the cure than the leech like lawyers who cling to this subject, but never win a battle or a war for us. The majority of the cannabis talk on both sides is about a buck, and that's where the thinking goes and stays.

    Tribal Cannabis is one more white premise pushed on the indian like it is a grassroots thing they want in the first place. It's not true, the vast majority of West River reservations are so locked in grinding poverty that lighter weight subjects like cannabis just don't matter. When you intentionally and completely debilitate a peoples ability to function, don't say "What the fuck?" when they can't and likely ever won't walk in a socioeconomic straight line again. "We've been bitch slapping you for generations, but now we need you snap out of it because we need you as an economic crutch now that we have so completely fucked ourselves into a corner."

    South Dakota will continue to be a self imposed serfdom, while slowly but surely the tribes creep ahead out of sure human volume; in 2035 there will be more indians that whites in SD, because the kids that will breed them already exist. So unless Ellsworth starts bombing the reservations now, this is an inevitability.

    Since these dramatic changes will come about in the last half of my working life/retirement, I don't concern myself with getting South Dakota fiscally and socially sound, it is much easier to put a match to it.

    I found it very "unprogressive" that my post about SD tribal cannabis being jacked under a freemasonic plot being deleted, I must have hit a nerve.

    Nonetheless, thank you for being the closest vocal person on the net who is closest to speaking the truth about SD, and scratching the real subjects, I just can't see the reasoning being long term development plans when who knows, we may not have an atmosphere in 36 months. I strongly recommend you watch the lengthy Shasta County California Commission testimony from several experts in their field regarding geoengineering.

    1. Sorry, I may have deleted your comment by mistake and just found this one in the spam box right now.

      It's always nice to read well-thought perspectives.

  2. My apologies as well. I tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

    Keep up the good work.


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