Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lance Russell: video lootery addiction okay, screw South Dakota families

Dan Kaiser is at least one South Dakota legislator with a close relative combating leukemia. Even if he chooses to step down to spend more time with his son it might bring some comfort to know that cannabis is an effective treatment.

There is no money for South Dakota education in medical or industrial cannabis and no video lootery revenue goes to the state's tribes.

In South Dakota's District 30, obese long-time State Representative Lance Russell says he's challenging sitting State Senator Bruce Rampelberg.

Russell and his nutball caucus want to tax those least able to pay for education funding.
When South Dakotans began playing the lottery nearly 30 years ago, they were barely scratching the surface of what was to come later. While most people play the lottery responsibly, a small percentage have paid a devastating price. Debbie says it got to the point where she was spending three to four thousand dollars by 10 o'clock in the morning. "When it got to the point where it was ferocious, I took money," Debbie said. Lots of money - nearly $200,000 she embezzled from her employer. She was caught and spent two and a half years in prison. "There's an increase in crime, an increase in problems with employment, and an increase with family problems," Nancy Loken a Keystone Treatment Center Counselor said. [The Dark Side of Video Lootery, KELO teevee]
"We need more than the lottery money to fund education [because] lottery dollars are not enough,” said Republican State Senator Deb Soholt.

Russell is term limited in the SD House. Russell noted that Rampelberg “has enticed him into the race with less than conservative votes and positions he’s taken such as on medical marijuana, tax increases, and bills such as Rampelberg’s sponsorship of Democrat Bernie Hunhoff’s corporate income tax measure.”

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Nation is moving forward with their plans to revive their cannabis operation after members of South Dakota's extremist legislature said they don't want reservations to thrive.

SDGOP blog bully Powers embraces usury but cannabis prohibition is not nanny-statism. He has kids suffering from autism yet he publicly decries an effective therapy for the afflicted. A source close to the Powers family told this reporter that he is secretly medicating his sick children with cannabis.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee is scheduled to hear testimony on medical cannabis today: it's a small step for compassionate conservatism but a major leap for South Dakota families.

Cannabis prohibition is not protecting South Dakota kids any more than video lootery is.

Governor Daugaard: if you adopt my template i will support the creation of Spearfish Canyon State Park.

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