Thursday, February 4, 2016

Industrial cannabis passes SD House

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader's Jonathan Ellis said Monday on 100 Eyes that legalized cannabis for adult enjoyment in South Dakota won't happen until hemp becomes legal.

The South Dakota House has voted 57-11 to approve the legalization of industrial cannabis. HB 1054 now goes to the Senate. House Speaker Dean Wink said the bill needed a two-thirds majority because it contains an appropriation.

By a margin of 11-2 the bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Verchio (RWNJ-Hill City) legalizing industrial cannabis blazed to the House floor for further baking.

The legislature's actions are those of colonizers who would introduce a plant from Asia to tribal nations and write legislation that would give county or state control over grow operations on reservations like California Public Law 280 does.

South Dakota's governor should insist on amendments that only organic cannabis be allowed and is grown exclusively East River where soils have already been decimated by industrial agriculture or on Indian reservations where value-added product could be processed with minimum impact on rewilding efforts and the restoration of native grasses.

Banking proceeds from the sale of cannabis is still prohibited under federal law.

The Oglala Lakota Nation wants to poll reservation residents about whether cannabis should be legalized for adult enjoyment.

A bipartisan bill legalizing cannabis for compassionate reasons is in the SD Senate hopper.


  1. The language of Section 5 will ban currently legal hemp finished products, including hemp seed bought at the grocery for ice cream or smoothies, as nobody will be allowed to possess seed without the DCI sanctioned license.

    I led the effort to make the first ever hemp paper manufactured from South Dakota grown hemp.

    You can't write a sturdy hemp bill in under a page. Abject morons like Olson, Brunner and Marty are co-sponsors.

    This is a terrible Bill, time will tell if it's deliberately nefarious or the regular stupidly.

  2. " Republican Rep. Fred Deutsch says it's "not realistic" that there's no possibility users could get high."

    Right now I'm not feeling too much love for my home state. Lets face it, as long as there's douchbags, dickheads, morons, and bottom feeding fucktards, they will be in Pierre showing their intelligence to the rest of the world.

    The Blindman

    1. Cory has blocked me so South Dakota can go to hell as far as i'm concerned, Bill.

      It's time for me to focus on the stuff i can change because it's too late for my home state.

    2. Larry, I dont see much changing in SD as nytime soon. I dont think its so much a bout natives, but egos.

      I no longer can relate to the ultra liberal ideas, I .ow realize I am a progressive without a true party. I now think we got out of SD just in time. Right after we sold the ranch that land started going down in price. When the cost per animal unit starts to slide in the near future, I can guarantee a f inancial crisis in ag country. We put pencil to paper six years ago to find the break even point for grass leases. At that time it was $24. At the time there were many ranchers that were paying over $30 a unit.

      When that bubble breaks there are going to be some bankers that look bad, some rent ranchers that want cheaper rates, land owners tha used flase data to determine rates and now have to face the reality of fewer dollars, along with higher property taxes.

      I dont see any good news, do you?

      You dont need SD, just go east to Carson House.

    3. Very happy here, Bill. We're building a 16 x 24 casita for an AirNnB on a lot we bought two years ago. We're off the grid surrounded by Democrats and the winters here in New Mexico are only a month long.

      I still need West River South Dakota for the Greater Missouri Basin National Wildlife Refuge.

      Hang in there: we could come to Missouri for a visit!

  3. When I move to my nine acres in Costa Rica in three years, I won't be able to permanently block SD from my mind. But like all abusive partnerships, the wounds will scar over with time. I will still follow my native connections, as long as it doesn't lead to any news about what is happening outside reservations. Some light begins to fill the end of the tunnel; I can lose my ass anywhere, how about losing it in a place with a fresh view, fresh food, fresh assholes and crooks, and a livable climate. I've found it easier to succeed living amongst indigenous populations where status/latter climbing dogma in not nearly as heavy.


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