Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Industrial cannabis bill smokes through committee

By a margin of 11-2 a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Verchio (RWNJ-Hill City) legalizing industrial cannabis blazed to the House floor for further baking.

The legislature's actions are those of colonizers who would introduce a plant from Asia to tribal nations and write legislation that would give county or state control over grow operations on reservations like California Public Law 280 does.

South Dakota's governor should insist on guarantees that only organic cannabis be allowed and is grown exclusively East River where soils have already been decimated by industrial agriculture or on Indian reservations where value-added product could be processed with minimum impact on rewilding efforts and the restoration of native grasses.

Banking proceeds from the sale of cannabis is still prohibited under federal law.

The Oglala Lakota Nation wants to poll reservation residents about whether cannabis should be legalized for adult enjoyment.

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