Friday, February 19, 2016

Former Sioux Falls cleric calls for boycott of Girl Scouts

When Bob Carlson was bishop of the Sioux Falls chapter of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers he testified for the defense at Bill Janklow's manslaughter trial.
"Girl Scouts is exhibiting a troubling pattern of behavior and it is clear to me that as they move in the ways of the world it is becoming increasingly incompatible with our Catholic values," Carlson wrote in a letter dated Thursday. "We must stop and ask ourselves — is Girl Scouts concerned with the total well-being of our young women? Does it do a good job forming the spiritual, emotional, and personal well-being of Catholic girls?"
Read the rest here.

Both South Dakota dioceses are up to their areolae in debt to the white christianic ruling class for covering up crimes committed by pederastic priests.

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