Saturday, February 6, 2016

Daugaard to 64+ counties: get in line

As the kurtz template takes shape in Pierre even South Dakota Republicans are frustrated with extremists in their caucus running out the clock.
South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has told county commissions to “be patient” as money from taxes and fees that were raised last year flow to local governments. Many counties are feeling the pinch between road repairs and law enforcement costs. Representative Mike Stevens of Yankton says counties still have some local taxing options. Stevens says there is only one bill so far that has any money for counties this year. Stevens says counties may have to wait and see the outcome of the education and Medicaid initiatives to see if there are any other funding options. [WNAX]
How are 64+ county seats and their bureaucracies either conservative or sustainable?

The Wanblee district should be in Ogala Lakota County then Jackson should be rolled into Haakon, Jones and Lyman Counties. Stanley and Sully should be rolled into Hughes. Mellette, Bennett, Todd, Gregory and Tripp should be one county. Dewey, Ziebach and Corson should be a county. Butte, Harding and Perkins should be one. Lawrence and Meade should be one, Fall River and Custer should be one.

Fine. Stanley might be happier being in with Lyman and the others. East River is a dead zone: smarter people than i can figure out how to sort out that mess. Everything east of the Missouri River is Cleveland anyway.
Committee chairman Sen. Bruce Rampelberg, R-Rapid City, sees the bill as a way to start a conversation about how cannabis could be used as medicine. He said he became intrigued about the possibility of marijuana as a medicine after receiving several emails this year, and in years past, from people who say they have found relief from serious medical issues by using marijuana. [Rapid City Journal]
The Sioux Falls Argus Leader's Jonathan Ellis said last Monday on 100 Eyes that legalized cannabis for adult enjoyment in South Dakota won't happen until hemp becomes legal. That seems more and more likely.

Let’s ensure that cannabis cultivation and distribution stay out of the hands of Big Dope. It’s time to enter compacts with the tribes, let them distribute on the rez, on off-reservation properties and in Deadwood.

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