Monday, February 8, 2016

Apeshit won't seek reelection

Speaking of Jerry Apa.
At the end of Monday evening’s Lead City Commission meeting Lead Mayor Jerry Apa casually announced he would not seek re-election in the city’s April 12 municipal election after two years at the helms of South Dakota’s Mile High City. Apa’s past service includes one seven-year stint and one three-year as a Lawrence County commissioner, three years as a South Dakota state representative, and seven years as a state senator. Apa also said he intends to continue his volunteer work as a handy man for Lead’s St. Patrick’s Parish Catholic Church. Apa was sworn in as mayor of Lead on Monday, May 5, 2013. His mayoral tenure will come to a close on Monday, May 2 of this year, when he’ll hand over the controls to Lead’s new mayor elect. [Black Hills Pioneer]
I began playing in Jerry Apa's illegal poker games in the basement of the Bodega in Deadwood somewhere around 1985. It was a seminal time in bringing gaming to the Gulch.
While I THINK I get his main point (taxing and spending more than he thinks appropriate), the rest is disjointed, is mostly innuendo, and what appears to a be a personal attack on someone he doesn’t like personally. Comes across as petty and small. Again, not the Apa I had come to respect and appreciate. [comment, Troy Jones]
Lead should take some advice from Hill City and Hot Springs.

Water leaks in a century-old system built by Homestake Mining Company could affect supplies in Deadwood. City of Lead public utilities officials estimate that millions of gallons are lost every year much of which needs to be pumped from the lab buried in a former gold mine under the dying town.
The leak is located on lab property, but is part of the Lead-Deadwood municipal water system. As of early Monday evening crews with the Lead Public Works Department were waiting on parts to arrive before repairing the leak. The cause of the leak is not yet known. [Black Hills Pioneer]
Earth hater Jerry Apa (photo from a better year: he looks like hell now) and previous Lead mayor, Tom Nelson, also an earth hater former South Dakota legislator, have ignored this blogger's pleas to bring an economic development initiative their fucking mile-high village.

Jerry Apa has evolved from a parasite to a parade barker. Lead is dependent on Deadwood and on the means to replace a water supply with lead pipes and the Flint, Michigan of Lawrence County: scary ain’t it?

There’s a saying from the oil patch, no doubt most of you know it, “God, give us back the the Boom and we promise not to piss it away again.”

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