Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Vatican cleric admits church wrongdoing

Boston's disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law lives amidst splendor in Rome after resigning his office.
Australian Cardinal George Pell said on Sunday the Catholic Church made "enormous mistakes" and dismissed cases of sexual abuse of children in "scandalous circumstances", as he became the highest-ranking Vatican official to testify on Church abuse. The Australian inquiry into sexual abuse cases which occurred decades ago has taken on wider implications about accountability of Church leaders because of Pell's high position in the Vatican, where he now serves as finance minister.
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According to one sect bean counter, attendance at Mass in the parishes in the Sioux City, Iowa diocese has dropped by 27 percent since 2008.

Although nothing untoward ever happened to me as an altar boy at Our Lady of Good Counsel, my girlfriend in high school told me their family went to Aurora because Father Louis J. Miller had done something bad and was transferred to the Elkton parish under Sioux Falls, South Dakota cleric, Lambert Hoch who was born in Elkton.

Louis Miller was elevated to Monsignor then was decapitated in an automobile accident near Huron in 1969.

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