Friday, January 22, 2016

'Waters of the state' meet the CAFO debate

Clay County is preparing to vote on an ordinance that would revise the definition of Confined Animal Feeding Operation. The commission held a public hearing on the effects of revisions.
According to commissioners and Toby Brown representing SECOG (The South-Eastern Council of Governments), the ordinance up for a vote is a revision of the 2013 revision of the 2005 ordinance. According to Brown, the major changes of the current ordinance up for vote include reinstating the Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) definition which was removed from the 2013 version and moving the cap up for dairy operations. “The third change is clarification is what the setback is off of waters,” he said. “Right now it’s ‘waters of the state.’ If you read the definition of ‘waters of the state’ that could be an irrigation pit, it could be anything that has water in it. The next public hearing for this ordinance will be held Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the Vermillion Courthouse basement.
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Intersecting with Clay County's fight to preserve its water supplies is Yankton County's relationship to the James River and South Dakota's Republican congressional delegation war on clean water.

Proposed changes linked here.

Local control is just another euphemism for the freedom to poop on somebody else's pancakes.

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