Friday, January 1, 2016

Verchio taking cannabis to Pierre

Mike Verchio (RWNJ-30) lives where industrial cannabis will never be grown. His actions are those of a colonizer who would introduce a plant from Asia to tribal nations and write legislation that would give county or state control over grow operations on reservations like California Public Law 280 does.

Verchio has only lived in South Dakota since 1988 yet is seen as a native by Republicans; but, Joe Lowe, a Democrat who moved to South Dakota about the same time, is portrayed as an outsider by the Ridiculous Right.

Red moocher state South Dakota is powered by sin: video lootery, a loan shark industry that preys on the least fortunate, a massive gambling addiction and a too-big-to-jail banking racket fill in the gaps created by lobbyists who enjoy the protection of single-party tyranny.

Without a compact with the State of Nebraska the Omaha Nation has turned its focus to industrial cannabis.

But, at least Pierre is talking.

With the new calendar year changes are coming for Oregon's cannabis law.

And in Minnesota:
The commissioner of the Department of Health was given authority to add intractable pain to the list of conditions that qualify for the use of medical cannabis, and did so in December. The law calls for the commissioner to report findings to the Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research by the first of the year.
Read that here.

For the record, I do not support widespread growing of hemp: it is an invasive species and capable of overgrowing native grasses.


  1. Everyone is clamoring to hoard Carbon Credits; The Clean Power Plan mandates expansion of existing renewable energy portfolios that are lacking. For example, the renewed interest in expanding renewable energy West River is caused by two things: the WAPA/Basin portfolio is lacking due to historic Coal Heaviness, and WAPA has been absorbed into the SPP. That's yawn inducing, but massive as to how the electrical grid is managed; Washington is in the process of taking power away from big coal on the Great Plains in a big way.

    This finally reveals why Pierre never allowed Net Metering, because South Dakota is a "Power Welfare" state like no other. The big deal is about shit hoarding the recently extended Production Tax Credit, and claiming and staking legal right to Renewable Energy Certificates, for the coming Carbon Sham Economy. *Because states can decide who owns the RECs, the good old boy network will come to own millions if not billions of dollars in PTC and REC overnight, because of how the co-ops are structured: they have prepared "for profit" solar enterprises under the same roof, which apparently isn't illegal.

    Pierre wasn't Renewable Illiterate, they were brilliant. Bravo, Sadistic Assholes.

    This all applies to biomass as well, and hemp is the clear champ in the lab, politics and ethics aside. So just as you have an uneducated/asswipe front man peddling a hemp bill, you have no-experience renewable energy developers like Brenda G. Moore invading South Dakota. She's an import who was slipped onto the Board of Directors at the South Dakota Wind Energy Association, consults to Dakota Rural Action (a Pierre front), and is currently trying to romance the Oglala Sioux tribe with a solar farm, and right out of their PTC and RECs. The wasicun in now able to steal the wind and the sun.

    In Newell (again) you have the Montrose, Colorado based O'Meara brothers, John and Patrick, a podiatrist and a tax lawyer, about to built the first West River wind farm. They will build it with loaned foreign capital, pocket the PTC, and then turn around and sell the farm to Black Hills Power, in a criminal business scenario Black Hills Corporation already commits in Colorado called the "Build Transfer Transaction".

    The South Dakota PUC can be bribed with cold McDonalds, so precedent is already set for massive rate increases for the construction of new generation; BHP will hike rates up to 30% to cover just the cost of the O'Meara's Willow Creek Wind Project, and the SD PUC has already rubber stamped this activity East River. This is the "three times as costly electricity" that Obama was referring to before he left office.

    Carbon Credits anyone?

    The North Dakotans want to fill the Bakken Tax Hole with hemp, and repeat villain and Brendan Johnson ass slapper Timothy Purdon is leading the charge, and also operating on Pine ridge Indian Reservation.

    Shit hoarding the mechanisms of Carbon Tax Defense is essential to survive the Carbon Sham Economy.


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