Monday, January 18, 2016

Under Daugaard obesity rules

Progress has been made under current school lunch rules but as industrial agriculture lines Republican pockets South Dakota's children continue to suffer from elevated risks to obesity.
The number of South Dakota kids who are overweight or obese is 32.2 percent, essentially unchanged for the fourth straight year, according to a new state health report. The survey defines obese as at or above the 95th percentile body mass index-for-age when compared to kids of the same age and gender.
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Treating patients in a surge of obesity, doctors in the United Kingdom are urging lawmakers to pass a 20 percent tax to pay the medical costs to the national health care system.

Under Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard increasing rates of measles, sexually-transmitted infections, cancer and violent crimes have ravaged parts of South Dakota.

Most South Dakota schools could be feeding food waste to chickens and hogs maybe composting for community gardens. Hot Springs, Philip and Midland enjoy geothermal water to heat greenhouses.

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