Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Schoenbeck: screw the poor

When dad [sic] was home disabled, mom [sic] took a job as a kitchen aid [sic] at the local nursing home. I remember mom [sic] telling us she did it for the health insurance. For our family, it just seemed like a natural continuation of the teachings of commitment, hard-work, and responsibility that had always been our parents’ lives. [Lee Schoenbeck (RWNJ-5]
The word, "welfare" was used as a pejorative fifteen times in the screed with zero concern for anyone's welfare.

That wasn't the first time Schoenbeck exhibited his disease with the English language: here's more. I wouldn't want him sitting on my death panel, either.

The hypocrisy of South Dakota’s Republican Party knows no bound.

South Dakota is already the fourth most dependent state.

A wealthy SDGOP legislator wants to raise taxes on the poor...again.

The state Republican Party denies the Anthropocene, the American Genocide, and the legacy of slavery while rich lawyers like Lee Schoenbeck scramble to cover up the crimes being committed against South Dakota's workforce.

Utilities and banks are using the state as a tax haven languishing in the regressive tax structure with which Schoenbeck, a member of a pedophile cult and the National Ravage Association (NRA), raises his campaign money.

South Dakota should listen to Paula Hawks, Bernie Hunhoff and Cory Heidelberger and pass a corporate income tax.

Reduce the number of South Dakota counties to 25, turn DSU into a community college, and adopt my cannabis template: the kurtz solution painted on a thumbnail.

A well-respected, less radical former Republican legislator, Stan Adelstein, was driven from the extremist South Dakota legislature for proposing the bill Schoenbeck is being lauded for.

A state that calls itself conservative depends on federal Social Security benefits to pay the property taxes that currently bankroll the bulk of South Dakota's moocher state bills while video lootery drives poor residents even further into despair.

South Dakota deserves the legislature it suffers.

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