Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bombshell polling: RCJ readers hate Spearfish Canyon State Park

A Republican land grab in the Black Hills is up the creek with quite a battle.

By a margin of 2-1 readers of the Rapid City Journal are rejecting a plan to create a state park in Spearfish Canyon.
Non-profit Spearfish Canyon Foundation is paying $750,000 to Barrick Gold Corporation for the property and giving it to the state government. [Black Hills Pioneer]
During a Dakota Midday interview on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio South Dakota Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard described a process where Senator John Thune would just slip a bill into Congress that would swap public ground held by the US Forest Service with state property of equal value to consolidate holdings.

A cynical observer might wonder whether the state would offer to hold Canadian miner Barrick harmless for future spills from abandoned mine operations in the area of the exchange.

A Republican donor has been gifted the chair of the state tourism board. Yes, Ted Hustead has mining interests in Spearfish Canyon.

Take the reader poll here.

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