Thursday, January 7, 2016

Napoli: Pierre, Rapid City ruined by "bums"

Republican former legislator Bill Napoli is angry.
The fault is yours. You've sat back and let these people get elected and put us in the mess we're in. Gov. Daugaard’s administration, murder/suicide, corruption/graft; Jerry Wright/ unfit for office; tax and spend Legislature; schools/low test scores. It's long past time for “you” to control “your” government. [LTE: Bill Napoli]
You might need to watch your letters to the editor. A Rapid City Republican has accused Governor Dennis Daugaard of being a tax and spend liberal.
The blue ribbon task force on education: Here we go again. Even before the blue ribbon task force was formed, we knew the recommendations — increased sales tax and more money, more money, more money. By keeping the 3 percent cap on the schools' budget, it shows there was no study, just more rhetoric. That 3 percent cap and current funding formula have been the biggest problems for education since Janklow introduced it in 1995. [LTE, Bill Napoli]
It's like déjà vu all over again.
I read the column from Gov. Daugaard patting himself on the back for raising $95 million in taxes. He is really proud of himself and his liberal Republicans for the largest tax increase in our history. Daugaard blew a chance to do a comprehensive study of our future highway needs. We don't need to do any studies now that the Department of Transportation has enough money to spend on business as usual. [LTE, Bill Napoli]
Bill Napoli is the guy who believes some medical procedures should be reserved for white christian women who have been saving themselves for future husbands but who were brutally impregnated by non-white men.

Sorry, Bill, Denny may be a dictator but he ain't no humanist: Daugaard is a capitalist lock, stock and melody.

Bill Napoli is right about one thing, though: the session will be dominated by battles within the South Dakota Republican Party between his nut wing and the corrupt wing led by Lee Schoenbeck.

Hey, Bill: if you're so pissed why do don Juan Thune and Krusti Noem not have primary contenders?

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