Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lee newspapers to close Billings call center

Historically in the bag for ethics-free right wing extremists like Steve Daines and Mike Rounds Lee newspapers are media cripples.

After gutting its capital bureau Lee Newspapers of Montana is cutting more staff.
A regional customer service call center based at The Billings Gazette and serving its parent company, Lee Enterprises Inc., will be closed and consolidated by Feb. 4, company officials announced Tuesday. Ten full-time and 26 part-time jobs will be eliminated by the closure. [Billings Gazette]
Lee Newspapers of Montana could survive as part of a Bismarck Tribune, Rapid City Journal, Casper Star-Trib marriage and not become part of a Gannett takeover.

But who has the huevos to pull that together?

Lee stock is trading lower today and Gannett's is trending upward.

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