Sunday, January 17, 2016

Drinking Liberally Sioux Falls: GOP 'Klan-like'

Sheldon Osborn is the South Dakota Democratic Party's rank and file like Pat Powers is a pole vaulter.
Besides, not only is Hillary the most qualified Presidential candidate in a very long time, the one best able to withstand the angry, No-Nothing [sic?], Klan-like tide which dominates the GOP today, the candidate best able to secure President Obama's policies and make sure a Democratic nominee fills the 2 or 3 Supreme Court vacancies which will occur during the next President's term, she has earned the opportunity to be the Democratic nominee numerous times over the last eight years. [Sheldon Osborn]
We need a National Primary Day to raise voter turnout: Tom Daschle and Trent Lott.

SDGOP blog bully Powers embraces usury but cannabis prohibition is not nanny-statism. He has kids suffering from autism yet he decries an effective therapy for the afflicted.

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