Monday, January 18, 2016

DiSanto doing same thing over and over, expecting different results

Rep. Lynne DiSanto (RWNJ-35) wants poor people to pee in a cup.
Under the bill, adults applying for cash assistance would complete a screening or questionnaire and would be subjected to a mandatory drug screening. They would not receive the benefit if they test positive. In 2011 and 2012, South Dakota lawmakers rejected bills requiring drug tests for welfare recipients.
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She says she's seeking guidance from tribal nations. My guess is they'll give her directions to Sheridan Lake where she can jump in.
Farm subsidies and government-subsidized crop insurance are one of the biggest portions of federal spending in South Dakota. The following shows how they compared with federal spending on other well-known programs or entities in the state in 2012:
Farm subsidies: $720,927,000
Premium subsidized crop insurance: $474,805,350
Highway planning and construction: $323,593,936
Food stamps*: $165,357,967
Ellsworth Air Force Base: $102,400,000<
DiSanto's proposed legislation would do nothing but reinforce SDGOP's hypocrisy on federal dependency. She is leading a crusade against the Rapid City County Commission, too.

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