Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cold Brook Fire brings record visitation to Wind Cave

"Ready. Fire. Aim."

Despite claims by Republicans the Black Hills are NOT being devastated by the mountain pine beetle.
Wind Cave National Park says it set a modern-day visitation record in 2015. Park officials say visitation at the world’s sixth-longest cave was up 9.8 percent to about 109,000 people. Park Superintendent Vidal D├ívila says the National Park Service is celebrating its centennial this year, and the park is looking at possibly breaking the record again. [KWAT Radio]
The southern Black Hills are greener and vistas more spectacular after the mountain pine beetle opened view sheds and increased water supplies. Wind Cave National Park is greenest in its history after a prescribed burn took even more invasive grasses than was planned.

Neiman Enterprises is putting pressure on Republicans to increase logging of the old growth pine: critical habitat for threatened and endangered species.

Researchers are saying
insect activity doesn't make wildfire potential more likely in the Rocky Mountain Complex where fires and bugs have been clearing overgrowth.

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