Monday, January 4, 2016

Chris Nelson: without federal permit KXL toast in SD

Update, 1230 MST: of course the Republicans on the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission caved to their campaign donors TransCanada.

Recall the reminder from TCMack that the Army Corps of Engineers touted the construction of the Oahe Dam on the Cretaceous Shale. That same shale accounts for the systematic breakup of roadways and railbeds in South Dakota likewise confounding KeystoneXL pipeline engineers.
The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission will meet Tuesday morning in Pierre to make a final decision on whether or not to certify that TransCanada can meet the conditions set by the PUC for the company to build a segment of its proposed Keystone XL petroleum pipeline through western South Dakota. South Dakota PUC Chairman Chris Nelson says the time has now come for the PUC to make a final decision. Nelson adds that regardless of Tuesday’s decision, without the federal permit, the pipeline won’t be built through South Dakota. [KCCR Radio]
KXL is geologically untenable and will never be built.


  1. TransCanada owns property on the Butte County section of the proposed route; the map maker forgot to shade in Butte... Representative Sam Marty sold his mega ranch in the area. I may be wrong, but I do believe it is one of the top five largest ranches in the state. Don't know who bought it, or of it's still on the block.

  2. I don't think so, it sold for over 20 million:

  3. Sam Marty and Crazy Horse bass player Billy Talbot are neighbors living in the shadow of the KXL at the "T" where Harding, Butte, and Perkins counties meet; literally one of their property lines. So it is ironic (?) that Neil Young is a big pipeline opponent while Talbot, who is in actual physical danger of the project, is mum? Maybe just trying to enjoy the twilight years in peace. Eric Markegaard, son of Neil Young's second ranch hand, (who portrayed Earth Brown in the Neil Young and Crazy Horse stage production "Greendale") also owns property in the area, but is only known to show once a decade and raise four-wheeler type hell, then go back to California. This area is essentially more North Dakota culture in South Dakota, as the Moreau River seems to be the boundary of the South Dakota Intellect/Culture Subduction Zone.

    1. There is a movement to tie up these properties as the sentiment to restore bison grows. The Obama administration knew TransCanada would sue dooming the project in court. KXL will never be built.


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