Friday, December 11, 2015

Today in ecocide: South Dakota is an agriculture sacrifice zone

Even as a dead chicken factory in Parker could be drawn and quartered South Dakota is doomed to industrial agriculture.
While numerous large barns were built throughout Moody County in 2015, only three required mandatory hearings for their expansion permits, two were Class B and one was a Class C. In those meetings, few seats were available. Neighbors showed up with a lot of questions. [Moody County Enterprise]
Milk from cows exposed to pesticides is creating the specter of Parkinson's disease and autism in children.
Proving once and for all that environmental factors are and will continue to be an important, if not crucial, factor in your health, a study has found that a pesticide widely used in the early 80s—and which found its way into our nation’s supply of cow’s milk—may be the cause of Parkinson’s disease emerging in people today.
Read that here.

Remember: South Dakota is a moocher state dependent on the feds to exist.

Think Denny Daugaard isn't worried about GOP's national demise as that party continues its assault on an African-American president instead of working to advance the success of the nation?

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