Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Plunketts plead; prosecutor proceeds prevail

A politically motivated cannabis arrest of a Butte County prosecutor has led to a plea agreement that will go to sentencing in February.
On Dec. 8, Gov. Dennis Daugaard suspended Heather Plunkett with pay in accordance to South Dakota Codified Law 3-17-13, which reads: “A state’s attorney or sheriff who is suspended from employment in accordance with the provisions of § 3-17-12 shall assume leave of absence status and shall receive the same salary and employment benefits to which he would otherwise be entitled to be paid by the county he represents. ...” It is rare for state’s attorneys and deputy state’s attorneys to be arrested; however, it does occur. Loss of state-granted authority isn’t always the outcome for criminal charges or convictions for state officials. [Black Hills Pioneer]
Using a conservative estimate the number of problem drinkers in the legal profession is more than double that of the general population.

Stay tuned.

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