Sunday, December 13, 2015

Plunkett cannabis arrest tied to child abuse prosecution

"Marty Jackley in my humble opinion as one of his victims is, this guys as crooked as they come." [comment, Wendel Hiland]

Suspended Butte County prosecutor Heather Plunkett had taken on Wendel Hiland and Jessica Hiland in 2013 for child abuse.
The Hilands each are charged with 30 counts of abuse of a minor over the age of seven. The statute charges that each "did abuse, expose, torture, torment or cruelly punish a minor, over the age of seven years, in a manner which does not constitute aggravated assault." It is a Class 4 felony. [Milo Daily, Butte County Post]
Wendel Hiland appears to be running for governor. He writes in Facebook:
During all this, including me writing the Judge personally, there was no "checks and balances" in place to contain this out of control prosecutor from abusing our rights. She was given the unchecked authority to do whatever she wished. This has to change if WE THE PEOPLE truly want fair and equal Justice. Prosecutorial immunity foster corruption while leaving Government officials accountable to no one. [Facebook post]
Jessica Hiland, who is twenty years younger than Wendel and only possesses an eighth grade education, left a comment in February, 2015 under another Milo Daily 2013 story:
For your info we were and are innocent and are the victims of a prosecutor who abuses her powers and od [sic] little minions whispering lies in her ears. Also of money hungry social services'. All charges were dropped 3 months after being charged! [MommaHilandOf6 - February 12, 2015 7:49 pm.]
According to a comment left at Dakota War College there is much more to the Hiland story.

The Hiland/Plunkett saga was highlighted by a Rapid City Journal special series.
Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere lives two doors from the Hilands in Newell. “Did a crime occur? Absolutely I believe a crime occurred,” said Lamphere, the sheriff for more than a dozen years. “From a law enforcement standpoint, this case needed to be investigated.” [story]
Coinciding with this case is the US Justice Department lawsuit against the South Dakota Department of Social Services.

Details of how cannabis was found and Plunkett's arrest were not immediately released. She was appointed to the post in 2010 by outgoing Governor Mike Rounds.

Wendel Hiland is clearly only semi-literate and presents with dissociative identity disorder comorbid to persecutory delusions typical of so-called "sovereign citizens." That he or the Division of Criminal Investigation planted cannabis and paraphernalia on the Plunketts is not impossible.

DCI would have had to acquire consent from a judge to tap the Plunketts' phone lines. 'Independent' counsel Paul Bachand is a Future Fund recipient who gave a thousand simoleons to Denny Daugaard's reelection campaign.

There are seventy nine comments under the most recent article by Milo Daily starting with one from Jessica Hiland just fifty minutes after the Rapid City Journal ran the piece. Curious, ain't it?

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  1. This post is nearing 11,000 hits. During a Facebook conversation this morning Plunkett told The Dakota Progressive her family has moved to Colorado, is eligible to take that state's bar exam, that her South Dakota law license is still active, that she is blessed to be a stay at home mom for two young girls and doesn't support Jackley for governor based on her experience serving as Butte County State's Attorney.


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