Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Carroll: Plunkett cannabis case "curious"

Frank Carroll is a Black Hills timber industry consultant with some really bad ideas but he is evolving.
The curious case of Heather and Ryan Plunkett has raised eyebrows in the law enforcement community and many cops are shaking their heads. Turns out marijuana doesn’t make you kill people, doesn’t drive you insane, doesn’t blow away your inhibitions or otherwise make you critically dangerous to society, like, say, drinking too much alcohol. And, unlike alcohol, it’s no more a “gateway drug” than vodka, and much less deadly. Seriously, Butte County, haven’t you people got some real work to do? [op-ed, Frank Carroll]
Exactly, Frank.

Here are some comments left at another blog:

Lon Carrier, Butte County GOP Chair
December 23, 2015 at 9:42 pm

Heather is quite aware of where she stands and what the future holds regarding both her position as SA and that as vice chair for the county GOP. I can’t speak for her duties as an officer of the court however I recently sent a message to the entire county central committee as well as my executive board concerning Heather and where she stands regarding her position as an officer of the party. I simply stated that I was not going to supersede the rule of law and before any action was taken we would wait for both the Christmas season to pass as well as the trial or sentencing. I still stand behind my deliberate pace and any mob-like demand to seek a resignation seems to have “simmered down” a bit, realizing a season for honoring Judeo-Christian dedication to good will is hardly a time for “shedding blood” even if it is proverbially done so through termination of position. The only clumsy, heartless demands still being poured into my mailbox are generally those of a nature unconnected to Butte County and being attached a reckless, loud vocal minority that seems to exist for the sole purpose of showcasing every Republican action as some form of weak justification of validity for their own paranoid musings. More importantly for Heather though is the patience that not just the GOP in Butte County has afforded her but the residents as a whole. This has been difficult for her and her family. I have been in constant contact with my vice chair and in addition to her remorse concerning her actions, I can attest to her concern for the residents of Butte County regardless of any attachment to any one political party. She knows what actions I will take and she understands her responsibility in those decisions. However again, Christmas time is hardly the time to knot up a noose and though this is far from my intent anyway, I will grant her and her family a chance to relax and appreciate the season before a new year means dealing with any necessary county party business.

Mike Messmer
December 23, 2015 at 10:29 pm

Heather did an awfully lot for the Citizens of Butte County over the 5+ years as their “Officer in Chief” and Protector of her Citizens she represented! Sent accused and convicted felons of Rape, spousal abuse,, child abuse to Prison where they belonged! Animal abuse and other crimes of man were prosecuted and she educated her City Police force on various issues and was part of a task force for Child Issues and other things that benefited Butte County! She wanted to establish and implement NEW IDEAS that would Improve the Court System that was ill recieved my her so called “HIGHER UPS” who just adhered to the “OLD WAYS” of doing things their old and reactionary ways! Low behold you challenge those Old ways!! Change never comes easy and it challenges the very Fabric of the OLD and USELESS guard!! Shame on those that hold back new thinking to produce new and better results to save BUTTE COUNTY money and make the judicial system fairer for her citizens!! Heather was wrong, she taking ACCOUNTABILITY and will pay the price for her mis-judgement! BUT never think she is a useless and non-caring Law Professional and great caring woman,wife and mother! She’ll be back! She will “STEP UP TO THE PLATE” again! This story is far from over folks!

Lon Carrier, Butte County GOP Chair
December 24, 2015 at 3:59 am

No! She was elected by the central committee of Butte County GOP per the bylaws. The state GOP had nothing to do with it. Many of us in the county party worked hard to insure that the party election was a Butte County endeavor only. To be honest too, the state offered very little help even when advice was sought on my part. Individuals serving in offices of the state party were basically involved only for certifying an election. The reality of what you posted is just a fairy tale. My predecessor did activate a pledge but it had nothing to do with Larry Rhoden nor did that somehow bring about Heather Plunkett’s election into her position as vice chair. In fact, I learned recently that many in the party across our state were surprised to learned she has served as a party officer in Butte County. Your statement is rather ironic too given the nature of Miss Plunkett’s very “independent” approach to party politics. Nothing I need to explain here. However, I have no comment regarding the pledge you speak of as I have nothing but admiration for my predecessor and respect for any actions of his prior to my term. To make this as elementary as it possibly can be, Miss Plunkett sought the position of vice chair and ran for it, thereby being elected into it. It’s that simple. I am sorry it’s not more exciting than that! No conspiracy worthy of the movie of the week. About as interesting as a slab of uncooked meat on a cold plate! However, if anyone ever wishes to discuss this more, my phone does receive calls. Anyone is welcome to visit with me anytime for a more in-depth explanation.


  1. What is most curious is what evidence the DCI presented for a search warrant and what judge found the evidence convincing enough to sigh it. It sounds like petty politics at its worst.

    1. Agreed, David. But that Wendel Hiland has any power over Jackley and his henchmen makes me wonder how and why.

    2. DWC is rife with foment within the SDGOP spilling into every post PP puts up: more evidence that they're in much worse shape than Pat will admit.

    3. http://rapidcityjournal.com/app/pages/shadow/#sthash.GzfYA9KW

    4. South Dakota is a haven for nutcases like Wendel and Jessica Hiland who breed like rabbits and live on the dole.

  2. Everyone is asking what is really afoot in Butte County, and that is a good thing. Whoever Mike Messmer is also composed the related ""Pro-Plunkett" comments in the RCJ under "pirate21", "Grumpy", "justmy2cents4u", and "Born2fish". Conversely, Jessica's fake profiles are the ones with her finger stuck on the exclamation point.
    To really get to the bottom of this, I would like to throw a couple of concepts in the mix, because everyone is coming up blank on who Heather pissed off. I think it is important to know that the Jackley's own property in Vale, not far from Newell. It is my personal belief that there is an underground pedophilia and human trafficking ring being kept under wraps, and I would suggest that Heather was getting too close, or possibly threatens to reveal the Ring. The Ring is overseen by top priests, politicians, judges and lawyers, like it always is. Hundreds of indian children go missing off of western indian reservations annually, and I would suggest that this is the main meat supply for the power elite; it runs from Omaha all the way into Canada.
    The reason the mostly defunct KKK had such a strong presence in Belle Fourche and Sturgis in the early days was because it was made up of the non-Catholic business interests who didn't want West River to fall into all Catholic control, which happened anyway, that is no mystery. It is also no mystery that an arguable amount of the Catholic System is actively engaged in pedophilia; so allow me to name Catholic names involved in both the Ring, and what is happening to Heather Plunkett, a non-Catholic.

    The following are all active Catholics, pedophiles, and protectors thereof:

    Senator Mike Rounds
    Senator John Thune
    Governor Dennis Daugaard
    SAG Marty Jackley
    Seated Judge Mike Day
    The majority of the Butte County Commission

    Butte County and SD are lock, stock, and barrel run by the Catholic Cabal.

    Fred Lamphere is the most pliable and affordable Yes Man Sheriff you can buy; he's probably right that the Hilands are up to no good on some level-which has absolutely nothing to do with Heather Plunkett's current situation.

    Of particular note is former North Dakota US Attorney and self proclaimed "champion of fighting human trafficking" Tim Purdon; tons of indian kids went missing and were molested on his watch in ND, now he is in private practice- hand in hand with Brendan Johnson. These are the Attorneys that got all the tribes fired up that they could grow legal weed this year, and then turned around and got them busted. The whole plan was to further tighten the noose on the indian, and it worked.

    Satanic pedophilia is as old as humanity itself and is provable to exist, people just can't think outside the control systems far and long enough to fathom that the guy they voted for is a blood-eater.

    I feel the author of this blog has the investigative ability and tenacity to bring this issue to light; I myself fear the Cabal too much to make these allegations publicly.

    All these men are killers, that's why they rule.

  3. My name is Jessica and want to know Larry why do you continue to mention the HIland's name? Do you get off on calling people names and stating things about them that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. "Breed like Rabbits?" We are a blended family with wonderful smart kids that should not have ignorant people like you talk bad about their parents. "Nutcases?" Do you feel empowered on degraded people? Wait why am I asking you this? You are a liberal!
    Did you know that Michael Messer is Heather Plunkett's father? And if my husband had any power over Jackley, we would of never been through the traumatizing crap that South Dakota and it's henchmen have put us through. No wonder South Dakota is one of the top 10 most corrupt states in the nation. No thanks to people like you who sit around all day trying create their own personal conspiracies. If you or your liberal minions believe that running your own business and raising extraordinary brilliant children is considering "being up to no good" then I can only imagine what your definition of "good" would be....... May God Bless You And Warm Your Cold Icy Heart.

  4. Fascinating to the point that it's time to openly ask if "self opening pinata" Jessica is an agent provocateur, as she continues to pound her way into the middle of this since launch. This is a real possibility, because Tom Griffith, the author of multi-section RCJ defense of the Hilands (that they all really, really want you to read, cut out, and make a scrap book of), is also a known spook/disinformation agent; these other focusses may contribute, or be the impetus of his pedestrian writing abilities.

    So it's not about the Hilands, but they are an insisting party to the situation. It's time to ask: what is the serious crime committed by many that all involved are working so diligently to keep under wraps? It is not a major narcotics operation, none of the players fit the profile.
    This all continues to fit my aforementioned theory that there is a child abduction and pedophilia ring in danger of discovery. I've already specifically named a dozen men who are surreptitious creeps, all with a common thread. That humans tend to congregate and do their deeds around a common thread isn't a conspiracy, it's expectable human behavior.
    Heather's sensei was Mega Douche Bag Timothy Vander Heide, poor girl. He ran himself out of a three way law partnership in Custer, and then spent some forehead slapping time commuting from his play farm in Spearfish all the way to prosecute on-Rosebud Indian Reservation- (just like Wild Bill Janklow, another pedo in the Ring) before taking the Butte prosecutorial gig; he then quickly abandoning it and passing it to Heather. Is Tim Vander Heide involved in the Ring? Is he just a nitwit no side will take? He left a swath of damaged lives that Heather could not scratch, so if there are any of you out there still feeling the burn, Tim's house in Spearfish is at 44 degrees 30'10.50" North, by 103 degrees 44' 10.75" West, AKA 11565 Mitchell Lane. His wife works under the name Ruth McLaughlin at Spearfish hospital and likely pays most of the bills.

    Along these lines, many people have a beef with Heather Plunkett. Thank you to Jessica for revealing to me that Messmer is her father, it makes a lot of sense, especially all the SCRIPTURE, since there is an element of holy war at play. Her father may nor understand why these "good christians" are persecuting his daughter, if she is so forthright as some portend. So in trying to rule out any aspect of my seemingly "wild" allegations, I can't even write off that Heather could wind up the hero/martyr/dead, because it all fits. Several people who matter are reading this and taking the same pause.

    Jackley shelters the FLDS to the point of sending Whitman's Samplers, and the Custer city official just went down for child rape and internet porn.

    SD invented new language for murder disguised as suicide, the Benda.

    A rare combination of air density, sparse IQ, and a downstream position to extreme bullshit causes finely made and expensive safes to sublimate into slag-less fairy mist.

    Nobody asks the indian students about the theft of the Gear Up Millions, since they mostly lay gray, silent, and gaped at the bottom of various gravel pits, building foundations, and mine shafts across the west owned by the likes of Black Hills Occult provocateur Jim "Red Cloud" Durham. Jim is the Middle brother of the Durhams; oldest Doug is the deceased/famous American Indian Movement infiltrator; youngest John is a bike gang infiltrator for the ATF. Jim is currently stealing zeolite from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and secreting it away in various warehouse locations in North Dakota. He's definitely a man on the street for the Ring, and he lives in Hot Springs, another haven of occultists since the first stone was placed.

  5. Questions:

    1. Is the Hiland child in question alive, and real?
    2. Did (still) Newell neighbors Lamphere and Hiland get carried away setting up Heather Plunkett?
    3. Why did Marty Jackley spend so much of his tooth cutting years in Pedo Capital Custer? Why did Johnny Carson do a serious piece on Custer having the highest per capita rape statistics back in the day?
    4. Remember the girl who "washed away" in Butte County and couldn't be found? Then she turned up dead on Easter, an occultist holiday, and was referred to by Fred Lamphere as an "Easter Egg"?

    1. Thank you for your attention to this story. Any additional information?

  6. Just the glaring absurdity that mystery people arrive with murky backgrounds to make war two doors down from a known hard-ass sheriff, and now be so vocal and involved in the grander plot. The RCJ is a well known and well oiled Pierre mainline BS outlet, but people being accused of potentially immoral behavior get a multi-day multi-page defense from an equally murky writer, whose links to the Black Hills are also questionable. In the pre-Lamphere years, Butte Co. deputies were involved in protecting a marijuana grow operation in southeast Montana.

    1. Hiland's parachuting into Butte County to fix it is a mistake newcomers often make. Sam Kephart did it in Lawrence County, too.

      Talk more about the grow-op?

  7. Yes i am Mike Messmer and Proud to be Heather Plunkett's dad!! I have ONLY written ONE COMMENT on this page! I don't need to hide behind "No name presentations"! None the less let's all try to keep the hate on the Far, far Back Pages!! I have much anger also but i am not mislead by anyone!! Heather was ALWAYS TAUGHT TO "STEP UP TO THE PLATE" and take whatever punishment comes her way! But they killed the "Ant with a Semi- truck"!! I leave the Butte County Politics to ones more knowledgeable than me! I have NO knowledge of Butte County's possible "Ghosts in their closet"!!I know one thing though! Someone had and has it in for a young lady that does not deserve all this hate! Like i said on my ONLY statement earlier that this STORY IS FAR, FAR FROM OVER!! But we will all move on in a honorable way as a "Messmer/Plunkett familes"!! Just all maybe leave that "stone your throwing at each other" on the ground or throw across the pond! Make a wish for your families first! Wish something decent and kind for them!! Happy New Years to you all! (Haters too)

  8. I will discuss the grow op later today, that's another lengthy topic. Thus far no candy has rained today, nor concern expressed for Heather's safety, just minimalization that Butte County might have ghosts. Seven blessings to you as well, Mr. Messmer. Didn't know your generation referred to haters. Fascinating.

    1. That's Mike Messmer like Marty Jackley is Protestant. Thanks for the stories and hurry back.

  9. Re: Butte Co. officials provide support to cocaine and marijuana imports: This is going clear back to the 1980's; there were two airstrips operational in the Black Hills region where cocaine and marijuana where being imported from Central America, and where marijuana was being grown on site due to the remote locations of the airstrips. All three air strips I mention here are now defunct as such. The one involving Butte County law enforcement was never busted, so it "never happened" in any provable formal document. It was located at 45 degrees 01'18.88" North by 104 degrees 04' 32.81" West.

    The Custer (Pringle) location WAS busted, and it was at 43 degrees 31' 18.44" North by 103 degrees 36' 36.26" West.

    The point of origin airstrip was 10 degrees 54' 27.58" North by 85 degrees 43' 12.09" West.

    Prominent Black Hills businessmen involved still launder money for the gen-x marijuana/ecstasy/coke distributors of today; they have grown to the point of starting their own towns. Several wanna-be Pablo Escobars spanning three generations in the Black Hills.


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