Tuesday, December 1, 2015

100 Eyes: SDDP has nothing to lose by being revolutionary

Argus Leader Media's interactive web broadcast, 100 Eyes is a must-watch on Mondays.

Both Patrick Lalley and Jonathan Ellis responded affirmatively to a listener's suggestion that the South Dakota Democratic Party has exactly zero to lose by driving a revolutionary agenda. Both acknowledged that more news of Bendagate is forthcoming.

Dana Ferguson will be heading to Pierre to live-tweet Republican Governor Denny Daugaard's budget address. Daugaard is expected to cave to ObamaCare mandates by expanding Medicaid for the state's least fortunate residents and to raise taxes on those least able to pay.

The panel conceded that the ethics-free South Dakota's Lottery Commission, stacked with SDGOP crony capitalists like Rapid City shyster, Doyle Estes and Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville mulling another run for the legislature, is a moral hazard.

The 100 Eyes panel compared and contrasted Kristi Noem's time in the legislature with that of Paula Hawks.

Watch the replay here.

Cannabis certainly is an issue that energizes both sides especially at a time when voter turnouts are at historic lows. But Rep. Hawks isn't offering anything new and has ignored President Obama, you know, that guy who leads the Democratic Party?

She could at least talk about what she's hearing from voters of all stripes but even her social media is flickering even though she has raised a little money.

She has nothing to lose by being revolutionary.

What are your thoughts? Does SDDP have anything to lose?


  1. I agree Larry, Hell LET'S Run Stace Nelson. I backed Joe Lowe, one smart worldly man that could have mixed it up with the SD repungents. He was thrown out of the primary by the elitist thinking SD Dems.. that think unless your born here your not a SD democrat. Wismer was a TERRIBLE candidate terrible. ..apologized for running complained about it interfering with her business. ..embarrassing. Joe smart as hell all kinds of experience but nooo...until SD democrat big wigs(oxymoron) grow some nads, get active west river n get STRONG candidates...We are a joke as a state party.

    1. Stace has no interest in changing parties. I asked Wismer to run so i wasn't going to refuse to back her. She should have picked someone from West River as a running mate, tho.

      Mike Verchio has only been in the state since 1988 about the same time Joe Lowe got to South Dakota.

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