Friday, November 20, 2015

Hawks campaign scraping bottom

Few have ever thought Pat Powers was right about anything but he sure is spot on when it comes to Paula Hawks.

Hawks' sputtering campaign has been trolling me for money but she has said exactly zero about what most Democrats and young voters want to hear. Unless she says at least something about getting cannabis off Schedule 1 or says something new or refreshing her campaign is doomed.

If she had had any brains she would have focused on the Statehouse instead of jousting at a well-funded actress/whore like Krusti Noem.

Whining about Republicans while offering no alternatives is evidence of stupidity not leadership. As my dad would have said, "she's dead from the ass both ways."

The South Dakota Democratic Party should abandon the primary process and nominate their candidates at the state convention.

Shit or get off the pot, Paula.


  1. So you deem any Democrat who doesn't campaign on pot is hopeless, and Lynn deems any Democrat who campaigns on pot vile. I guess there's no winning.

    1. Rep. Hawks is coasting when she should be plowing some road. Either she breaks some trail during the session or her campaign for US House is a joke.

  2. Palin just came out and said legalized weed is no big deal. Bigger fish to fry. Jails are full. How big is the pot vote?

    1. It certainly is an issue that energizes both sides especially at a time when voter turnouts are at historic lows. But Hawks isn't offering anything new and has ignored President Obama, you know, that guy who leads the Democratic Party?

      She could at least talk about what she's hearing from voters of all stripes but even her social media is flickering even though she has raised a little money.

      She has nothing to lose by being revolutionary.


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