Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gant, Powers deleted files pertinent to Bendagate, Future Fund

Pat Powers is grousing about the lack of transparency in Moody County but helped to delete files on the EB5 scandal during his brief stint as a paid hacker for Jason Gant and the South Dakota Republican Party.

More SDGOP bilge is surfacing even as the rats abandon the sinking ship.

According to Shantel Krebs at least half a million documents have been deleted from the South Dakota Secretary of State's servers.
"I want to clarify that the corporations system or website was on an outside server. And it was not on the state's information and technology--state sanctioned and state secured--server," Krebs said. "We're sitting at about 90,000 of those documents reviewed so far; we started at the current year and are working our way backwards. We started at 2015 and we're done with 2014 and 2013 and we're working on 2012," Krebs said.
Read more about the crimes committed by Jason Gant and Pat Powers here.

The entire state system recently underwent a complete failure as files on the events leading up to the Westerhuis murders were being purged.

Krebs has also exposed Kristi Noem as a philanderer.

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