Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thune: protect the unborn and arm the sociopath

Putting the best face on the dilation and curettage performed on his caucus today by Senate Democrats, John Thune is vowing to fight the good fight.

Senator Thune's party may have lost a skirmish in their War on Women but, wait: Thune wants to guarantee that guys like Scott Westerhuis have the right to assassinate their own families with a shotgun, torch the house then turn the gun on themselves.

Marty Jackley’s selective forensics in the Westerhuis murders is just another example of red state collapse and a link between despair and easy access to firearms. Marty releasing his results at breakneck speed but dragging his feet on Richard Benda's death is suspicious as hell and easy access to guns accelerates the wildfire of mass murder in the US yet Republicans justifying the murder of a family as a personal choice with assaults on our collective concern is simply horrifying.

These are more deaths where the Board of Regents is a player: even Bob Mercer is weirded out by it.

The hypocrisy of the Republican Party is without bound.

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