Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Napoli: Daugaard a socialist dictator

So, does don Juan Thune or Krusti Noem have a primary contender?
I read the column from Gov. Daugaard patting himself on the back for raising $95 million in taxes. He is really proud of himself and his liberal Republicans for the largest tax increase in our history. Daugaard blew a chance to do a comprehensive study of our future highway needs. We don't need to do any studies now that the Department of Transportation has enough money to spend on business as usual. [LTE, Bill Napoli]
Bill Napoli is the guy who believes some medical procedures should be reserved for white christian women who have been saving themselves for future husbands but who were brutally impregnated by non-white men.

Sorry, Bill, Denny may be a dictator but he ain't no humanist: Daugaard is a capitalist lock, stock and melody.

South Dakota: Land of Infinite Vendettas.

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