Saturday, September 19, 2015

LawCo throws in the towel on bark beetle

Kill the cougar, fight the bug.
Lawrence County Deputy State’s Attorney Bruce Outka said that starting in 2014, and continuing into 2015, the state replaced the respective counties as the responsible entity for mountain pine beetle tree identification, marking, and tree cutting. The South Dakota state legislature appropriated $750,000 to fight the mountain pine beetle Hills-wide for 2015-16, an amount that has decreased drastically from more than $1.2 million just two years ago. The state’s local emphasis is on two Black Hills priority areas, with funding going toward a landowner cost share program. [Black Hills Pioneer]
Do we need more government to fix people's screw-ups when they're trying to fix the government?

It's 46 degrees tonight for the Deadwood Jam: you'd think Bill Pearson and Melody Dennis would have dialed it in by now, init?

I swear.

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