Sunday, September 6, 2015

BHSU Geek Speak to analyze racist Confederate flag

Pat Powers, who spews nonsense in support of South Dakota Republicants has long been banned from this and other South Dakota related sites because of a constant stream of bigotry, misogyny and other hate speech.

Right to life? Not if you're non-white in America.

Here's a little item redacted from Common Core American History guidelines: modern police forces are shaped from those that hunted, accosted, lynched and beheaded slaves seeking freedom.

Dr. Adam Gaffey, assistant professor of rhetoric and philosophy at Black Hills State University, will host “Always Contested: The Confederate Flag in the Public Imagination.” The Geek Speak is scheduled to held Thursday, Sept. 10 at 4 p.m. in room 110 of Jonas Hall.
The original intention of the Confederate flag was to represent a fight for rights, which people who lived in the southern, confederate states believed in. Today, the flag has transformed into a part of pop culture; its meaning depends on the region, traditions and the people who use it, Gaffey said. “Between the end of the Civil War and the early 20th century it was not common to see the Confederate battle flag used for much of anything except for remembering the Confederate dead in the Civil War,” said Gaffey. In the ’50s, however, the flag started being used in political campaigns. According to Gaffey, in 1948, a senator from South Carolina, named Strom Thurmond ran for president as a third party candidate. The party was largely a southern - based coalition, but one of their icons was the Confederate flag. Thurmond used the flag to symbolize state rights and to reinforce the idea that the federal government won’t dictate how a state government is run. [BHSU Communications]
The United States was founded on the backs of slaves as systematic genocide became a way of life for white christians quoting scripture as they slaughtered their fellow humans.  Here's another horrific story that was swept under the rug of American history in the name of manifest destiny.

Daniel Rasmussen tells Diane Rehm:
Well, it's amazing, Diane, that on the bicentennial of the revolt, you know, so few people have heard about this. And the reason is, those newspaper accounts and letters from William Claiborne describe an insignificant insurrection led by slave criminals. So let me tell you about the strategy they used to suppress the news and cover up what happened. The first thing they did was to kill as many of the slaves as they could identify who participated in the revolt. They beheaded about 100 of them, put their heads on poles, dangled their dismembered corpses from the gates of New Orleans. And then in newspaper accounts and letters, they wrote about these brigands. They described them as guilty as criminals. Charles Deslondes, they chase into the swamps, they capture him, they shoot him in both thighs, chop off his limbs and then burn him alive.
We are all children of Africa.
Gettysburg's police chief says his resignation has nothing to do with debate over the department's emblem and uniform patch that includes a Confederate flag. The City Council on Wednesday night accepted Wainman's resignation and named patrol officer Mark Kessler to succeed Wainman. Kessler told the Capital Journal that he supports keeping the patch. "The controversy will stay, no matter who is the chief of police," he said. "I will fight to keep the patch in every way that I can, because of its history and not because of what someone else says it stands for." [Associated Press]
Including and especially Pat Powers' father, those in the law enforcement/corrections industrial complex eke out existence on the public dole, are overwhelmingly Republican, are alcohol and domestic abusers living violent lives, most are obese and usually die early after miserable careers.

Progressives aren't soft on crime so much as they are protective of the Fourth and Eighth Amendments.

Sign the petition to begin reconciliation linked here.

Bikers in the Black Hills can still be seen flaunting their racist bents flying the flag of slavery from their machines.

Little wonder South Dakotans are fleeing SDGOP to become unaffiliated voters.

I am banned from no forum. Oh, and: thanks for spelling my name correctly, you porcine prick.

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