Thursday, September 17, 2015

66 counties begging for more money

Discussions are moving forward to protect more South Dakotans from medical usury.
Senator Bernie Hunhoff of Yankton says background discussions between state and federal officials have continued on expanding the government insurance program. Hunhoff says they hope to have some proposals this fall for possible inclusion in the state budget process. The expanded program would add about twenty six thousand people to Medicaid coverage. [WNAX]
66 county seats are neither sustainable nor conservative.
The South Dakota County government Interim Committee met in Pierre Wednesday. The committee, made up of state Senators and Representatives, took public testimony from several county commissioners about the struggles that county governments are currently facing around the state. [Today's KCCR]
Hmmmm: where have I heard this before?
The population of several South Dakota counties is evaporating. Forty-two of the state’s 66 counties are losing residents, most at a rapid rate. In 2010, 11 South Dakota counties met the traditional U.S. Census Bureau designation of “unsettled” or frontier territory, having two or fewer persons per square mile. Five more have fewer than three and the population in each is declining. A consolidated form of city/county government works in many metropolitan areas. There are 40 in the United States, including Butte, Mont.; Denver; Indianapolis; Jacksonville, Fla.; Louisville, Ky.; Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans; Philadelphia and San Francisco. [excerpt, LTE, Joe Kirby]
It ain't easy being green.

I remember having a conversation with none other than Bill Janklow on SDPB when Dakota Midday was still called South Dakota Forum back in the '90s about consolidating counties and making two regental universities community colleges. He said he carried a "bloody shirt" for bringing a similar suggestion to the legislature and regents.

I swear.

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