Friday, July 31, 2015

Betty Olson 'too dumb to be offended'

Tornado(e)s, tribal relations, Kristie Fiegen's drain circling, the Confederate flag, politically correct stupid jokes: it's all in batty Betty Olson's installment of the Grand River Roundup.
The Washington Redskins are fighting to save the Redskin name and the University of North Dakota was forced to drop its athletic logo The Fighting Sioux because both terms were considered offensive to Native Americans, although no one has tried to remove the nickname “The Fighting Irish” from the University of Notre Dame. With my large dose of Irish blood, I’ve always taken that as a compliment, but I guess I’m too dumb to be offended.
Read it here.

Olson, a GOP state legislator who calls human influence on climate "mythical," defends the Bundyists in Nevada. Writing in the Black Hills Pioneer she says:
The federal government shouldn’t be allowed to own any land within a state’s boundaries unless it is granted permission by the legislature of that state, and so far, no state has given that permission to the federal government.
There are eight grazing allotments on the Northern Hills district that can no longer support livestock.

Cliven Bundy believes “the Negro” was better off under slavery -- something Betty supports wholeheartedly.

As a member of the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council Ms. Olson is toeing the line for her benefactors and for the radical right wing of her political party.

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