Wednesday, August 5, 2015

South Dakota tribe moving toward adopting kurtz cannabis plan

The Sturgis Rally generates about $30,000,000 in tax revenue for the general fund and kills x number of bikers every year. Medical cannabis will never pay a dime to boost teachers’ wages.

Eric Hagen is talking with 24 tribes in 14 states about legal cannabis.
They say that hint in the air up in Flandreau, that suggestion of something to come, is the sweet promise of marijuana.
Read it here.

The cannabis buzz is happening in every other state Democratic Party but not in South Dakota. Democratic candidates in red states have exactly zero to lose by embracing legal cannabis as an alternative or supplement to corporate income taxes especially where regressive systems prevail. Cannabis is a winning issue and if Democrats want to win they’ll embrace it or lose: it’s just that simple.

Monarch America enjoys a kurtz Buy recommendation.

The record for rally-related deaths is eleven during the 50th anniversary bacchanal in 1990: that summer was a personal Hell, too.

Read the kurtz plan here.

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