Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rally carnage begins in earnest

At this post, fifty Sturgis Rally-related accidents have occurred in the Black Hills area since Tuesday and 25 arrests have been made for Driving While Impaired.
A Fort Collins, CO man was killed in a single-motorcycle crash near Lead on Friday. The driver crashed at a curve and was separated from his motorcycle. He was transported to Deadwood Regional Hospital where he died from his injuries. The driver was not wearing a helmet.
Read that here.

From the Hill City Prevailer-News:
Professional managers were hired from other areas around the nation, some of whom wanted to control every aspect of the money-making opportunities – including who had the legal right to use the name “Sturgis” for monetary gain. Sanity returned after a fashion, but the later rallies continued to dip heavily into right-to-use and property naming rights.
Read that and more here.

Meanwhile, hotels, motels and campgrounds in the Hills have jacked up their rates and are all booked so a million fat white people can swill alcohol, stuff their faces, buy children for sex and kill themselves and each other with reckless abandon.

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