Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quack Unruh selling lies to raise hush money

I caught this LTE this morning in the paper and thought I'd expose another charlatan in the South Dakota Republican Party.

Religious fundamentalists that colonized the New World were debauched, polygamist slavers. Those are parts of American History liars like Al Unruh want excised from Common Core guides.

Are all chiropractors criminals and nutjobs or just the Republican, catholic ones? Scott Munsterman groped at least one teen, Fred Deutsch wants to end women's civil rights and Unruh wants to rewrite history.
The same five lawyers on the Supreme Court changed their minds and over-ruled the American people, dismantling the laws of all 50 states according to their own humanist ideology. It was judicial activism unauthorized in the Constitution according to Supreme Court Justice Roberts. [Al Unrubh, My Voice: America is in need of a ‘spiritual revival’]
Unruh is an Elkton boy: his family was run out of town after his father, also a "chiropractic physician," was caught molesting children during exams at a time in South Dakota history when quacks enjoyed intimate physical contact with boys to determine who would participate in school sports.

It's just creepy.

You see this all the time with Talibangelicals: someone threatens to out one as a serial molester, he runs an op-ed in the paper then diverts some cash he raises from sermonizing wedge issues to shut up the people he's raped or groped.

Think of it as the Bill Cosby Effect: the more sanctimonious the speech the more cash gets raised to hide career criminal behavior.

Republicans are evil.

Turn your head and cough.


  1. Good one Larry. My hometown chiropractic quack required excess nudity from female patients, then just had to pull back robes to expose breaststroke or genitals. This was all in the course of "treatment", of course.

    I doubt they're All pervs, just a high percentage.

  2. BTW, I saw Unruh at a legislative hearing about 10 years ago. He has a very high "ick" factor. Made my skin crawl. Ugh.

  3. He's a sleaze ball of biblical proportions. Authored the Obama impeachment resolution adopted by SDGOP. Right Wing Watch has someone following his hijinx, too.

    Nice to see your comment, Deb!


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