Thursday, August 6, 2015

Non-white populations growing six times faster than whites in South Dakota

Billy Mills recently posted comments on his Facebook page about the time his family were visitors in a racist Custer in the occupied Black Hills. His posts on the town named for a war criminal have gone viral.

Oglala Lakota County is not just the bluest county in South Dakota, it's the most Democratic county in the US.

As Bob Mercer reports that more Democrats register as Republicans to monkey-wrench GOP primaries in South Dakota that trend could begin to reverse.
South Dakota's population of color grew by 16.6 percent during those four years while the United States population of color grew 8.6 percent. The state's white population grew 2.7 percent while the nation's white population grew 0.3 percent. South Dakota ranks 41st among the 50 states for its population of color, compared to last-place Maine at 6.2 percent and first-place Hawaii at 77 percent. In addition to Hawaii, three other states have populations of color above 50 percent — California at 61.5 percent, New Mexico at 61.2 percent and Texas at 56.5 percent. [South Dakota Dashboard]
Read Mercer's musings linked here.

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