Monday, August 3, 2015

Heidelberger should run for US House

This is one call for Cory Heidelberger to announce a run for statewide office.

Give this blog a reason to be excited about the South Dakota Democratic Party. Announce a run for my home state's lone US House seat where you could energize South Dakota's Democratic base with an effective but far cheaper campaign while going easy on Paula Hawks in a primary.

Someone with more money than you have, like former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, can take on John Thune.


  1. I've told you, Larry, a smart candidate doesn't have to announce until next February.

  2. So, I'm reading your comment as Hawks not being smart to announce now and that you are mulling a run: can you talk more about that?

  3. You are reading far more into the comment than what it carries.

    Reasonable minds can differ. There are some advantages to announcing now, the main one being more time to build name recognition and campaign funds. I contend there's room for a good candidate (Thune in January 2004; Noem in February 2010, Kevin Weiland for that brief shining moment in March 2010) to ride the buzz of a late announcement to equivalent name recognition and fundraising success in a condensed time frame, with less wear and tear on self and family.

  4. Did you miss 100Eyes' excoriation of the Hawks announcement and the campaign's fizzled launch? Your coyness makes sense: i'll respect that...for now.


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