Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ecocide's best hits: death and taxes edition

Tike Mike Rounds is getting basted in the Rapid City Journal's notoriously Republican comment section. Rather than fund veterans care South Dakota's GOP Senators would rather expand the size of a cemetery.

Ellsworth Air Force Base will start practice-bombing parts of Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota if the expansion of the Powder River Training Complex ever gets off the ground. Damage to ranch land values, wildlife habitat and to quality of life is expected to be in the millions if not more. Can't wait for bombers to buzz Betty Olson's house.

The "'Black Hills National Forest' and 'He Sapa' are one and the same place," according to Rainbow Family member, Scottie Addison.

In a trip to Iowa Jeb Bush pushed for agriculture deregulation in a state where drinking water is fouled and beaches closed due to rampant ag pollution while calling for an end to federal funding for women's health needs.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a moral hazard.

Vice president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council Kari Cutting has blown off workplace deaths about the same way Dennis Daugaard blows off the Sturgis Rally carnage.
On average, someone dies about every six weeks from an accident in the Bakken – at least 74 since 2006, according to the first comprehensive accounting of such deaths using data obtained from Canadian and U.S. regulators. Scientists plan to ask energy companies for permission to invite workers at man camps, which house laborers; trucking centers and other facilities to participate in the survey. [The Center for Investigative Reporting]
40 percent of children in the now busting Bakken southwest of North Dakota are in foster care because of that nanny state's crackdown on parental substance choices as they deal with brutal workplace conditions and six month winters while the Federal Drug Administration approves the use of OxyContin for kids as young as eleven.

Clay Jenkinson, my new favorite historian, writes in the Bismarck Tribune: "In short, the settlement of North Dakota was made possible by the federal government."

White supremacist Craig Cobb wants to take over Antler, North Dakota and rename it after Donald Trump.

Because of a perceived threat to its bottom line a GOP farm group in Wyoming is interfering in an Indian reservation boundary suit.

Policing for Profit: in Wyoming only a small percentage of cash seized under asset forfeiture is returned.

The Crow Nation, a tribe trapped in Montana that sided with Custer at the Battle of Greasy Grass, signed a coal deal.

According to federal estimates of the more than 160,000 abandoned mines at least 33,000 have polluted water supplies or left arsenic-contaminated tailings.

Scientist: “This definitely has the potential of being the Godzilla El NiƱo.”

Like me more and more retirees are seeking out states where cannabis rights are being recognized.

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