Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wyoming's GOP governor wants cannabis task force

With American Indian tribes trapped in South Dakota poised to begin cultivation and distribution outpacing the state itself, Republican Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming is taking a proactive approach to cannabis.
Mead announced Tuesday he's putting together a marijuana impact assessment council. He wants it to report to the public on effects of marijuana — including health issues, law enforcement concerns and costs — before the Wyoming Legislature convenes early next year. Mead said he doesn't believe that Wyoming is likely to legalize marijuana next year. "But I do think that there is a big push by folks who want to see it legalized to have this ballot initiative," he said. "And for all our citizens who may share my view on legalization being against it, I think that we need to gather as much data as we can." [Black Hills Pioneer]
Excitement is building as the Flandreau Santee Sioux Nation expands on its cannabis plan.

Legal cannabis just hit the streets today in Oregon.

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