Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Witness: O'Connell was shit-faced during beer spilling

The trial has begun in a Rapid City Civic incident where Trace O'Connell allegedly spilled beer on a group of American Horse School students. During testimony a teacher from the school said she felt beer hit her, too.
Matthew Reedy testified that he was part of a large group of 14 or 15 friends from Philip that traveled to Rapid City on January 24 to attend the hockey game in a luxury box leased by Eagle Sales of Rapid City and given over for the game to Don Carley who owns the steakhouse in Philip and is an Eagle Sales customer. When asked by defense counsel Michael Butler if O'Connell had been drinking he replied, "Yeah. He was. Everybody was drinking up there." He said he saw O'Connell raise his arms and wave them over his head like he was roping, demonstrating from the stand a rodeo cowboy's motion. It was this waving that caused beer to spill from his can of Bud Light, according to Reedy. [KCCR]
I know Don Carley: he's an arrogant bigot just like the rest of those stupid yachos from Philip are.

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