Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trahant: Daines/Noem bill just another dig at ObamaCare

Mark Trahant believes as this blog does and federal agencies do that tribes are already the 51st State.

For a few special interests Senator John Thune and Representative Kristi Noem have formed an unholy alliance with Montana's congressional Republicans to mug ObamaCare.
Representative Kristi Noem: “The employer mandate within the President’s health care law is unaffordable for South Dakota tribes. Moreover, it is unnecessary, given the federal government already has the responsibility of providing healthcare for tribal members. Without the relief granted by the Tribal Employment and Jobs Protection Act, tribal governments could be required to cut important services while tribally-owned businesses could be forced to cut jobs. I’m hopeful this burden created by an ill-constructed law can soon be lifted.” [press release, Sen. Steve Daines]
So, the Republican Party is ganging up on America's 51st State because the GOP lost on ObamaCare: how conservative.

John Thune has already disqualified himself from the ObamaCare discussion after sticking his foot into his pie hole.

Like the 'Save American Workers Act of 2015' this Daines/Noem boondoggle is headed for President Obama's round file.

The Indian Health Service and Veterans Administration should be merged.

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