Monday, July 13, 2015

Tim Rounds strokes

South Dakota's GOP governor could have an entirely hand-picked legislature.
State Rep. Tim Rounds is hospitalized after suffering what was apparently a stroke, sources said Sunday. An aide to Gov. Dennis Daugaard said, "The governor heard about Rep. Rounds' hospitalization on Friday and wishes him well." [Pierre Capital Journal]
Yeah, right.

Tim Rounds is a career bureaupublican.

From the Wikipedia entry:
His father, Don Rounds, worked at various times as state director of highway safety, a staffer for Rural Electrification Administration and executive director of the South Dakota Petroleum Council. Rounds' brother, Tim Rounds, is a member of the South Dakota State Legislature representing District 24, which includes Pierre. During the 2006 legislative session, Governor Rounds signed House Bill 1233, entitled “An Act to provide for the establishment and operation of artisan distillers and to revise certain provisions concerning farm wineries.”[6] This bill, proposed by Jamison Rounds (another of Gov. Rounds' brothers), changed state law to allow for operation of small-scale (50,000 gallons/year/facility) liquor distilleries in the state.[7] At the time, Jamison Rounds testified before the legislature and explained that he was advocating the change so that he could open a distillery in the state.[8] The bill passed the state house 60-5 and the state senate 33-2; among those voting in favor was another Rounds brother, Representative Tim Rounds.
Charges of nepotism are nothing new in the chemical toilet.

Brian Rounds is the son of former Gov. Mike Rounds.

The junior Rounds' plan accepted by the South Dakota's Public Utilities Commission, where he is an analyst, forcing NorthWestern Energy to buy power from a local wind farm, where the elder Rounds sits on the board, did not immediately feel like a conflict of interest to Argus Leader reporter, David Montgomery in response to a question submitted at today's 100 Eyes webcast.

Steve Rounds enjoys an unusual 30-year lease on land managed by a state agency.

Jamie Rounds was appointed to lead economic development by his brother, former governor Mike Rounds, one of many moves that the Sioux Falls Argus Leader called, "ethically confused."

I attended SDSU with Rounds brother-in-law, Randy Brich, in fact: we have shared bongs on more occasions than can be recalled.

Steve Hickey, the only GOP legislator with any brains at all just resigned now Tim Rounds is a crispy critter.

Daugaard has already appointed more lawgivers than any other governor in South Dakota history.

Remember when SDGOP called for Senator Tim Johnson's resignation after a brain bleed?

The iron curtain descends over the Reichstag.

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