Friday, July 17, 2015

Rounds minion believes no insurance better than ObamaCare

Hard to imagine a stupider response than John Thune's dysfunctional ObamaCare tweets but one Republican is trying.

A spokesperson for South Dakota's junior senator is tweeting that Mike Rounds thinks no insurance is better than affordable medical care.

South Dakota's governor is a liar, too.

"Thirty-four states, including South Dakota, have chosen to participate in the federal exchange," Dennis Daugaard said in an op/ed in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

No, Denny: you chose to be the death panel, not South Dakota.

South Dakota:

Number of People Losing Tax Credits 51,000
Total Value of Tax Credits & Cost Sharing Reductions
Lost (Millions $) 147.1
Increase in the Number of People Uninsured 42,000

I swear.

Daugaard is defending his decision to appoint Republicans, a move resembling expecting hogs to plant gardens, to an education task force.

Meanwhile, another governor in a red state embraces ObamaCare.

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