Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rainbow Gathering stark contrast to Sturgis bacchanal

Fear and loathing over the recent Black Hills Gathering hosted by the Rainbow Family of Living Light is evaporating.
Despite the warnings I had heard about the Rainbow Family gathering, I decided to go anyway. When I arrived I was welcomed by eclectic, multi-race, multi-generational folks from all over the country. At the main gathering area women were meeting in a teepee to discuss women’s issues and in the main circle people were sharing about what it meant to be there. There were some Native Americans there just like everyone else, no special agenda. There were always people with bags looking for litter. We shared music, prayer, fellowship and laughter, food was prepared free for everyone. When I left I couldn't help but wonder at the traffic, overflowing sidewalks, crowded campgrounds, noise, development, signage and chaos of the main areas of the Hills. [Jim Muyres, LTE, Rapid City Journal]
Most Family members honored a boycott of the occupied Black Hills in protest of the Sturgis Rally and helped to keep numbers low.

Photo respectfully lifted from the Hill City Prevailer-News.

Meanwhile, hotels, motels and campgrounds in the Hills have jacked up their rates and are all booked so a million fat white people can swill alcohol, stuff their faces, buy children for sex and kill themselves and each other with reckless abandon.

South Dakota: Land of Infinite Ventriloquism.

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